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Hello there, I’m Chloé Taylor Brown.

Thanks for stopping by. You are greatly appreciated. Please linger awhile and come back again soon for updates. If you would like to connect with me personally please send me an email, or go ahead and take the Personal Excellence & Performance – Whole Life Assessment for an insightful one-on-one personal PEP debrief of the whole you in 12 important areas of your life. Discover your potential excellence. Learn how to use your excellence in a fun, productive way that helps you accomplish more by being your best authentic self.


My message is for the whole woman (from Gen Z. to Baby Boomers and beyond); and that starts with her mind-set, her self-care habits, her goals, talents, and her purpose. I offer real life processes and strategies that work to help women and girls accomplish their goals by showing up “in the spirit of play” – from middle and high school girls, entrepreneurs and business owners, to women holding power positions in Corporate C-Suits in Fortune 50 to 500 corporations.

i am an educer of excellence

An educer of excellence is skilled, talented, knowledgable, and spiritually blessed to be able to feel, see, and ask the right questions to “educe and draw out” excellence in others. This is my greatest super-power.  In addition, I do have “the”best coaching strategies and processes, and I do my very best to live life in the spirit of play.

Every Woman & Every Girls...
Needs a champion, a mentor, a coach; someone who sees her excellence and can help her be and become her best self.
Embrace Your "You" niquesness...
Darling, the uniqueness of your body, your personality and the individuality of your being is where your power lies.
Write & Rehearse Who You're Intending to Be & Become
Start envisioning and romancing your future, Darling... and live it!
everything starts with pep!

Your PEP is your energy, excellence and real power. The Personal Excellence & Performance assessment is a real-time intuitive tool that can help you generate energy to self-actualize and accomplish your goals and wildest dreams.

Working with my expert strategies and processes through Personal Excellence & Performance Coaching, Beatriz advanced her career from Regional Human Resources Director to Director & Chief Diversity Officer.

At the beginning of our coaching I thought the sessions were too "out there" and not realistic, but now I have discovered that they are not. Now I know "IT" can happen! Taking a true look at yourself is intimidating but Chloé helps you through it with her own examples and the results speak for themselves. I was content with my accomplishments and didn't see the need to change. My, was I wrong! I didn't know what I was missing. Today I am the best ME that I can be!

Beatriz Rodriguez, Director & Chief Diversity Officer, The Home Depot Tweet
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It's About Lifestyle

She’s A PEP Coach & Mentor!

Have you ever thought of working with an intuitive, progressive PEP Coach and Mentor? A Personal Excellence & Performance “PEP” Coach is someone who sees your excellence and hears your

Living Life In The Spirit Of Play

Our life work is to figure out where our personal “power” lies within us, and to draw this wonderment out to behold, to experience and enjoy, and to share by

Let’s Walk It Out!

I feel like I haven’t been getting my runway stride on in these streets in over a year now. I’m really missing my purposeful walk that adds more life force

register for: plug n play life!

Tuesday, July 13th From  8:00 PM to 9:30 PM EST Via ZOOM


With hosts, Elicia Bennett and Chloé Taylor Brown, Plug N Play Life is a fun, intuitive “Life Game” that can help you tap into your top life abilities – your positive characteristics, gifts, talents and a more engaging personality to think clearer, to feel better, to enjoy greater success authentically, and to align and level up in any area of life that matters to you while living life in the spirit of play.  After playing the Plug N Play Life game you will have an opportunity to be part of our on-going “private” community on Facebook where women have experienced immediate elevations in energy, new friendships and better outcomes and results in their daily life.

i "spotlight" excellence

I love drawing out the best in others and shinning the spotlight on their excellence.  I do this through lifestyle coaching, executive coaching, my Girl-Swag program, speaking and training, and as the publisher and editor-in-chief of Flourish Digital Magazine. Click the golden link to keep up with our current issue and blog.


The PEP is the Personal Excellence & Performance tool. It is an intuitive self-awareness game-changer with processes and strategies that can help you change your mind about who you are, who you can become, and what you can create and accomplish. 

Transformational Coaching

Where to start

Assess yourself

Get a real intuitive analysis of where you are right now in 12 very important areas of your life.

The blueprint

Get a masterful formula to become more effective in any area of your life that truly matters to you.


Knowing where you are in 12 vital "Life Abilities" and how to use these abilities right now will change your perceptions and elevate your whole life-game to higher levels of excellence, higher levels of success and higher levels of living.

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