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I am a model of possibilities—author, executive life coach, facilitator, lifestyle strategist, mentor, speaker, and lifestyle model. I collaborate with individuals, small businesses, and corporations to uncover objectives, “true” goals, passions, and purpose. I demonstrate how to level up to the vision using my proprietary PEP Coaching System. This system works for individuals, groups, teams, and Fortune 50 to 500 corporations. I assess, draw out, strategize, and align team members into a cohesive unit to accomplish objective(s) more efficiently and effectively; and always with higher levels of excellence, fun, and style.

A way to level up with
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Now, after twenty years of lifestyle coaching, training  and 12 years of expensive one-on-one “PEP Coaching” I have been inspired to create and package a complete 12-Day “Energizing” PEP yourSELF Program. The PEP yourSELF program will help you shift your mindset using 12 simple abilities over 12 days. Watch your energy level skyrocket and your intentions become crystal clear. You will work to accomplish one thing in 12 consecutive days, and many things when you learn a few processes and strategies of manifestation.


The Concept Of The PEP is The Cartier of Personal Excellence Coaching and Transformational Training. Now, you can PEP yourSELF.
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Corporate savvy is a way of being; a way of showing up, holding a position and delivering what was promised. When it comes to leading and elevating yourself, your team, and your organization, it’s about being authentic, perceptive, decisive, charismatic, relatable, and poised; and coaching your team to do the same.

Corporate Savvy is a signature program for professional and corporate women. It is an immersive Team Building and Non-Verbal Communication strategy combined with my Personal Excellence training. It is an “upskilling” program that doesn’t feel like work but gets the job done. It’s fun, experiential, transformative, and sustainable. Being Corporate Savvy starts with having a great concept of yourself, the ability to make good decisions, hold  a powerful and inspiring position, lead others, get the job done, and look the part according to the occasion.

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The goal is to feel great about who you are, who you can become, and what you can create and contribute to yourself, your family, your team, and to the world. It’s about accomplishing in areas that truly matter to you, and living your hearts desires.


How do you feel about yourself and your life right now, today? Are you being who you want to be? Are you doing and experiencing what you want to do and experience? Maybe you’ve been thinking of pivoting, shifting, and reframing your story? If you’re ready then I’ve got you. 

Creating mantras
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After taking the PEP assessment you will be ready to create and write you own personal power MANTRA. Your mantra will help you to get crystal clear on who you are and guide you in shifting and changing your personality to align with your new vision and goals. This is a complete” eductive program. It draws out the real, authentic you. Individual coaching clients have paid up to $1,500 in one-on-one coaching sessions. Now, it’s available in this all inclusive program for a fraction of the cost.  Purchase the program and get a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session to help you develop your final MANTRA. Discovering and being who you really are is a magical process that helps to draw out your best self. It is fun, interactive, simple and wholistic.  When you complete, memorize, amd emotionalize your MANTRA, infusing it into your whole life you will not be able to thank me enough. WHY?  Because nothing feels more refreshing and FREE… and remember this: the feeling is the prayer.

Working with my intuitive expert strategies and processes through Personal Excellence & Performance (PEP) Coaching, Jeri advanced her whole life and now living her heart’s desires.

If you can't define your heart's desires or what your want then your cant have it! Let's Define your purpose and your big life game.
Keep learning, exploring, and trying new things that interest and excite you. Ask youSELF, "What do I want to accomplish now?"
You cant go back. Forgive yourSELF. Forgive the other person or people and intentionally focus on what is "good" and lovely.
Now, more than ever, speak lovingly and positively about yourself to yourSELF. Express LOVE to yourself and those you adore.


the PEP gives me the greatest advantage in being an ACE in your life or on your team for maximum growth, transformation and manifestation. Take the Personal Excellence Profile assessment to see how you’re really showing up in the 12 important areas of your life; pieces that make up the whole you. Let’s Level Up with PEP today.


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Chloé Taylor Brown
Facilitating transformational lifestyle workshops for corporations and organizations, executive coaching, and one-on-one lifestyle strategies and coaching services for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals.
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