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Energy Alignment

by Chloé Taylor Brown

Get energized! Today, more than any other time in our modern world, we need an energy aligner and an energy enhancer to help us release the enormous physical and emotional blockages that have been building up in our bodies since the beginning of 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, Covid-19 has caused anxiety, depression, confusion, despair, and in many cases, even worse. 

Our body is made up of 7 energy centers called Chakras, which sends and receives energy. In other words, the Chakras are both transmitters and receptors. This means that whatever frequency we emit and send energy will match the frequency of what we receive in our life. 

When our Chakras are aligned and balanced they operate at the highest frequency and will attract people, abundance, and opportunities that you have labeled as high frequency.

When your chakras are blocked, not flowing, out of alignment and imbalanced it could show up in your life experiences as recurring negative patterns and issues that could manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms that even affect circumstances outside of yourself because it’s the law of attraction. Because the Chakras are energy centers within our body, it is our personal excellence, our strength and our power to be used to create and live a wonderful, happy, healthy life, and in order to do this we must vibrate at higher frequencies and at the same rate as our higher goals and visions.

In order to set higher goals and to be able to envision yourself living them you must know who you are, what you’re made of. 

There are 7 Chakras and 12 Vital Life Abilities. Find out more in the next blog post.

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