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Beautiful, Vibrant, “Peppy” Sexy Life Energy

by Chloé Taylor Brown

How would you like to get your beautiful, vibrant, sexy, “peppy” power activated and working for you in the most optimum way?

Well, you certainly can. It depends entirely on how many positive particles or pieces of life energy you have. You activate and keep your beautiful vibrant, sexy, “peppy” power by having the ability to take your life energy (your excellence and influence), by maintaining and enhancing this life energy and, from this position of power, excellence and influence, be able to direct and point this life-energy, power, influence and excellence toward your intentions and accomplishing your goals.

Communication is the basic tool for directing flows of your beautiful, vibrant, sexy, energetic power and life-energy; therefore, your ability to direct flows of life-energy depends totally on your ability to communicate. Therefore, know who you are, what you want and learn to communicate well.

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