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Depression, Anxiety, Low Energy & Uncertainty

by Chloé Taylor Brown
Yes, depression, anxiety, low energy and uncertainty is real. The good news is that it can be handled. It starts by knowing you’re not alone, and that you can work and feel your way out of situational depression and anxiety. With any mental illness, speak with your primary care physician to find out what is really going on. In addition, after stabilizing yourself, personal excellence coaching helps you to build from there.
This video is an excerpt of this weeks coaching session with Madison. Madison is an amazing woman, a dynamic entrepreneur who has encouraged me to share portions our sessions. Madison believes that by sharing her journey it will help others.
Today, the greatest leaders, best life coaches and teachers know that everyone has different viewpoints, vulnerabilities, triggers, goals, gifts and challenges, and that a larger part of our work, {especially now with depression, anxiety and stress running rampant during these challenging, isolated months of the coronavirus pandemic} must consist of active listening and compassionate understanding. In addition, we must continue to offer more dynamic strategies, innovative tools, and intuitive processes that when practiced and implemented, clients and teams will begin to LifeUp and get energized.
Why? Because of greater clarity, new feelings of contentment, and the vision of resetting and creating a healthier, more fulfilling future.

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