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Let’s Walk It Out!

by Chloé Taylor Brown

I feel like I haven’t been getting my runway stride on in these streets in over a year now. I’m really missing my purposeful walk that adds more life force to me. And even though I walk on trails and in parks … it’s not the same. We know that how we speak and our mannerisms says a lot about us, right? But did you know how a person stands and how they walk reveals a lot about their personality, also?

About your walk.

The way you walk is part of your body language, and everything matters – your speed, your stride, the position of your arms and how you place your feet. 
Never underestimate body language because it is the biggest story teller of them all. 
You can learn a lot about people, simply by how they walk down the street. Likewise, you can learn a lot about yourself by having someone record you walking so you can analyze your stride and make positive adjustments. 
Here are a few walking styles. Which one fits you?

  • They say fast walkers are more outgoing.
  • They say slow walkers are more cautious.
  • They say anxious walkers lean left.
  • They say strollers are confident.
  • They say jerky walkers are detail-oriented. 
  • They say graceful walkers have high self-esteem.
  • They say a slumped-shoulder walker is protecting themselves.

These assumptions based on a person’s stride aren't always accurate, however, body language can often speak much louder than words. I’m the author of “Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image@ available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble .

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