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How To Write and Live Your “Ideal” Day

by Chloé Taylor Brown

I like to think of myself as a woman who sees the glass as almost full, and from there, it’s easier to have a better outlook on life, to step into your day, and even into your future with more excitement and good energy, and with a clearer, sexier, more alluring vision that connects you to your higher self.

Here’s a fast and fun way to increase your ability to be happy, just because.

Think about, consider, and write your Ideal Happy Day (a day where everything is going your way). This is a present and future oriented exercise that my clients love. It helps you imagine and visualize how you would feel at your best and in the most joyful, magical way. Make your manifesto first person present tense, and use all of your senses in your description.

This exercise will help you focus, stay excited and optimistic, and will help to minimize anxiety, lower stress, and help you feel more at peace. I’m telling you… it works. Try it for yourself, and let me know how wonderful your day goes.

All the best.

Chloé Taylor Brown

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