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Your Value Of Yourself Sets Your Life Stage!

by Chloé Taylor Brown

Self-value is how you behave and act toward what you think about yourself and what you value, including yourself. Your value of yourself shows up in everything—from your relationships, your health, your work, your decision making, your leadership ability, and your overall satisfaction with yourself and your lifestyle.

It’s wholesome and wonderful to know that you were born worthy and valuable—with an enormous amount of excellence to offer to the world. But, if you don’t value yourself, almost nothing turns out favorably for you.

To know who you are and what you’re made of is the key to holding on to your most valuable assets.


  • By not giving them or your value away in the first place.
  • By not making nothing or less of yourself and your gifts, talents, passions, ideas, goals, and heart’s desires.
  • By putting your own oxygen mask on first and helping yourself first.

When your self-value is low, you help others get what they want, but you’re not doing this for yourself; as a result, you feel resentful, depleted, and sometime anxious or depressed.

The PEP assessment is a self-awareness tool that shows you your level of excellence—where you are right now in your ability to value yourself, as well as your overall level of excellence in all twelve abilities.

Find out “how-to” use your excellence to shift your mindset and your identity to match the goals you want to manifest now. The PEP helps you to KNOW the value of who you are, how to live from your higher levels of excellence, how to like and honor yourself, and how to have fun and enjoy your life.

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