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by Chloé Taylor Brown


I like living life on the lighter side – in the spirit of play and love. I have the gift of inspiring, encouraging and empowering others; which began with my three younger sisters at age 13, after our mother died. I am a Mississippi girl who always wanted to be a fashion model growing up; I did realize that dream in college as a Fashion Design student at Mississippi State University, and professionally in San Francisco, Milan, and other international cities. I am also a wife, mother, advocate for women and girls, and CEO and President of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises, a personal development firm in Atlanta, Georgia, the publisher & editor-in-chief of Flourish Digital Magazine, a glamorous, editorial lifestyle publication.


I am the co-creator of the Personal Excellence Profile – the PEP, an intuitive personal awareness assessment tool and system that evaluates and measures excellence, energy, and personal power. As a lifestyle strategist, coach and facilitator, I demonstrate how to use this innate power through coaching, facilitating, and training programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching. I work with individuals, business owners, professionals, and corporate executives from Fortune 50 to 500 corporations.

Where will you and your team land on the PEP!

Corporate Savvy
Team Building & Non-Verbal Communication

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Savvy bragging is the art of connecting and building rapport playfully and truthfully. You’re making more of it and enjoying it, and so is everyone else.

The “Selfing” Process

To be effective and successful we must communicate. The “Selfing” Process is the communication of the self and help you to accomplish more intentionally.

Become A Certified PEP Coach Practitioner & Learn How To See & Draw Out The Best In Others

Contact Me To find out how to become a certified PEP Coach Practitioner or click here.

Be Exclusive

Be one of only 12 selected PEP Coach Practitioners and start helping others to level up authentically by educing and drawing out their best.

For over a decade I have used the Personal Excellence Profile (the PEP) exclusively, and now, I am offering an exclusive online PEP Coach Practitioner Certification Program to train and lead 12 dynamic, inspiring, sagacious, committed women who want to become a Certified PEP Coach Practitioner. This is an exclusive training program that takes place over 6 consecutive weeks with one bonus (one-on-one) follow up and evaluation.


I am looking for 12 super amazing individuals to become one of 12 Certified PEP Coach Practitioners.

If you’re a Life Coach, Psychologist, Therapist, Lifestyle Strategist, Executive Coach, Teacher, Mentor, Facilitator, or Team Leader in any area – start celebrating because I’ve created a dynamic program to to train other professionals to use and share PEP secrets alignment, transformation and manifestation for life and lifestyle enhancements.  Get more info here.

The root word of attentive is "tendeŕe" and tendeŕe means to stretch.
There is a beautiful, so incredibly simple, and assessable process that I want to share with you. This process benefits men, women, and children. It offers enormous payback to organizations and institutions as well, with results that are measurable and sustainable for corporations, families, groups, and for “you”. If implemented and utilized consistently, this process will assist “you” in taking your life, your life-situations, and your lifestyle far beyond the next level of living. It will assist you in increasing your health, happiness, confidence, wealth, peace, and your overall appearance. It is the process of being attentive.
Chloé Taylor Brown
Chloé Taylor Brown
Facilitating transformational lifestyle workshops for corporations and organizations, executive coaching, and one-on-one lifestyle strategies and coaching services for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals.