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Chloé’s Coffee Chat

by Chloé Taylor Brown

Now, more than ever, meaningful coffee chats are vitally important; and just because we're social distancing doesn't mean we have to be stuck in our head. Let's chat about.

Engaging Conversations to Flourish

Chloé's Coffee Chat is About Aligning yourSELF To Your Hearts Desires!

Welcome to Chloé’s Coffee Chat!

Grab your favorite morning beverage and join Chloé Taylor Brown, Flourish Digital Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief for fun, upbeat, fast, productive coffee chats to help you align yourSELF with your “true” hearts desires to thrive, prosper and flourish in your whole life.

Do you have a situation and looking for solutions and not just “feel-good” talk? The send me an email and I’ll do my best to use my executive lifestyle strategy skills to help you discover your answers. I love offering fun suggestions, real solutions and sometimes the hard truth that you may not want to hear but will be so glad somebody had the guts to tell you. Get steps to meet, reach and exceed your personal and professional goals using methods and techniques from The PEP System®..

Kim Scouller -
Let's Talk Money

“If we want change, we have to start having open conversations about money. We should have coffee chats and play board games about money. We should talk with our friends and co-workers about money ideas. We should talk to our spouses, family members and our children about money at dinner, and in car-pool lines. Money helps us to create the lifestyle we envision and it is important to understand how money works.”  ~Kim Scouller

Watch the second half of my coffee chat with Kim here.

Chloé Taylor Brown
Sharing fun, dynamic, transformational lifestyle strategies that work.