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Corporate Savvy

by Chloé Taylor Brown

The Foundation Of Your Identity

Believe in yourself, your abilities, talents, gifts, and the desires of your heart, and the possibilities will be endless. What's your concept of yourSELF?

Words Can Become A Magic Wand

Words are powerful! Align your non-verbal and "VERBAL" communication to match your desires results.

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Corporate Savvy is building better teams by demonstrating to each team member an authentic way of being that aligns with team goals. It’s a way of showing up, holding a position and delivering what was promised.

When it comes to leading and elevating yourself, your team, and organization, it’s about being authentic, perceptive, decisive, charismatic, relatable, and poised; and as a leader, coaching your team to do the same.

Being Corporate Savvy starts with having a great concept of yourself, the ability to make good decisions, hold a powerful and inspiring position, get the job done, lead others, and look the part according to each occasion.

A Signature Program

Corporate Savvy is a signature program for professional and corporate women. It is an immersive Team Building, Verbal, and Non-Verbal Communication strategy combined with Personal Excellence training.

20+ Years Experiences

I have enjoyed delivering high-level personal and professional excellence coaching, facilitating sustainable change through team-building workshops and retreats, and transforming images into sustainable personal brands... since 2001.


A transformative program that doesn’t feel like work but gets the job done. It’s fun, experiential, transformative, and sustainable.

Chloé Taylor Brown
Facilitating transformational lifestyle workshops for corporations and organizations, executive coaching, and one-on-one lifestyle strategies and coaching services for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals.