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by Chloé Taylor Brown
Chloé's Coffee
Chat With
Sherri Hill

Discussing Vital Aspects Of Our New Normal &
What We Can Do To Heal.








To make free from injury or disease: to make sound and whole: to make well again: to restore to health: to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome: to patch up or correct: to restore to original purity or integrity: to become free from injury or disease: to return to a sound state. 

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Healing Resources

When you join us for the “Let’s Heal” live experience November 7th from 3:00 to 6:00 PM EST we will pour our hearts out and do our best to meet you right were you are, while using our expertise and intuitiveness to guide you along as we process you up for sustainable success. In addition, we will leave you will FREE resources to continue your personal growth and healing on your journey.  Check out the goodies below.

Get Sherri's "Self Love Journey" Book & Be Featured In Soul Culture Magazine.

Take The Personal Excellence Profile Self-Awareness Assessment & Discover Your Power & How To Use It.

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Sherri Lyn Hill

Meet Sherri, a spiritual healer and force to be reckoned with when it comes to using her gifts to inspire and heal others deep-rooted pain. Sherri shares and coaches from her own personal experiences and from professional training and six professional certifications. She is a Life Coach and Master Reiki Practitioner who is now using her Forensic Healing Techniques to help others resolve their deep rooted problems and return to love.
Her book, "A Self Love Journey" is available on Amazon.com.

Chloé Taylor Brown

Meet Chloé, a woman who has been chosen and mandated to love, inspire, encourage and empower women and girls around the world by educing and drawing out their "authentic" best. Chloé is believes in establishing new paradigms and creating new personas and identities to play new life games. She is a lifestyle strategist, Personal Excellence Coach and author of four books that are available on Amazon.com.

"Let's Heal"
NOV 07th, 2020
Tickets $149

let's heal

It's Your Life to Live.

A Glimpse Into Chloé's Coffee Chat & PeP COACHING With Madison

Brave are the women who choose to fight through the agony of depression, anxiety, and trauma from past experiences or current circumstances to find self-love, beauty within, and the power to laugh again. And to be able to envision a whole new ideal for a happier, flourishing, fun future is everything. Join us for “Let’s Heal” and bring a friend.”
Chloé Taylor Brown
Chloé Taylor Brown
Sharing fun, dynamic, transformational lifestyle strategies that work.