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Chloé’s Mantra Creation Workbook


Being who you are and becoming who you want to be is magical. Creating and writing your own personal power MANTRA helps you to do just that…transformation and self-actualize into you.

This workbook is “eductive” and draws out your best self within 30 Pages of fun, interactive directives, simple worksheets and integrative Chloé-Style strategies & processes. 

  • Go deeper in understanding who you are innately
  • Embrace your uniqueness and your authentic self
  • Tap into your personal power
  • Discover or rediscover your passions and realize your purpose
  • Get to your “main thing” and establish your “it” as a personal experience and make it a fact in your world
  • Create your own personal power MANTRA and start experiencing in daily.
  • After you have completed your the process of creating your MANTRA you may take advantage of two e-mail exchanges with me, Chloé Taylor Brown.


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